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  SpiderGirl13 posted a post 7 years ago

Hi, I am friends with MattyBForever, and she would like to Unblock her because she would like to talk to you. =D

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wolfgairdian · 6 years ago
Hey there, I'm back...
SpiderGirl13 · 6 years ago
Oh, hi.
wolfgairdian · 6 years ago
Use Im plz

True_Dreamer · 6 years ago
Hello I'm a friend of wolfgairdian. Though that's not important what is he gave up on art. Don't know why. He just said one day that he doesn't want to anymore that it was pointless. Sorry for the long delay but now you know. If Matty is still active then go tell her the news. Till next time
SpiderGirl13 · 6 years ago
Oh, how sad. Ok. =(
  wolfgairdian uploaded 11 artwork 8 years ago

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