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  sugarc00kiie uploaded 4 artwork 7 years ago

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About Me: I'm a 23 year old with a Bachelor of Art's Degree in Psychology with a love for drawing, food, shopp more
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Country: Canada
Age: 30
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, playing video games, shopping, learning languages, and writing.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Ip Man and Ip Man 2, Pacific Rim, The Last Hero in China, The Avengers, just to name a few!
Favorite Music: You will find all sorts of music on my iPod! My iPod is a mix of epic music (Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine to name a few), some Cantonese pop, and one or two indie songs.
Favorite Books: Memoirs of a Geisha and All Around the Town


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