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  skitten219 uploaded 1 artwork 5 years ago

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About Me: Hello. I am terrible at writing about me's so I'm just going to tell you a few things about me. I lo more
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Country: Ireland
Age: 18
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Interests and Hobbies: My hobbies include long walks through nature, Zoneball, drawing, writing, cooking, talking about whatever, reading, playing video games, listening to music, catching bugs, and playing with the little more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: My all time favorite animated movie is The Lion King, while my favorite non animated movie is Jurassic Park. A few other movies I enjoyed are Aladdin, Jungle Book, Zootropolis, and Rio.
Favorite Music: My favorite band of all time is Fall Out Boy, with my favorite song being Centuries. Some other bands I enjoy are NSP, Green Day, Imagine Dragons, and Maroon 5. My favorite singer is Adele, and my fav
Favorite Books: My all time favorite book series is Warriors, while my favorite stand alone book is Ring Of Bright Water. A few other books I enjoy are the Pokemon books, Waggit's Tale, Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness, all animal books, and most bird watching books. I also quite enjoy cooking books.


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