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About Me: Hello, Im Sara. Im 15 years old and I love drawing. I have gotten into all ireland drawing competit more
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Country: Ireland
Age: 20
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, writing raps, singing and rapping (even though cant sing or rap) , facebooking, sleeping and eating
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: 8 mile, the last song, pixar movies, girl interrupted, the perks of being a wallflower, hulk, marvel movies, boogeyman, the breakfast club, prozac nation, stuck in love. I watch movies everyday so I
Favorite Music: Im a HUGE fan of eminem! A proud stan<3 I love Demi Lovatos, keshas, lana del rays, cher lloyds, katy perrys, avril lavigne, 2pacs, miley cyrus and sometimes lady gagas music.
Favorite Books: The Fault in Our Stars, Girls Under Pressure, See if I Care


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