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  RDLuver uploaded 2 artwork 3 years ago

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  RDLuver uploaded 1 artwork 4 years ago

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  mackenzieandcheese posted a post 5 years ago

You're art is cute! and omg u favorited my drawings /)////(\

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RDLuver · 5 years ago
Thank you!! And No Problemo!!! =D
mackenzieandcheese · 5 years ago
np =D =D
RDLuver · 5 years ago
:yay: B) =D Please continue drawing!! Ur great!! Never think your not a AMAZING artist!!! Cuz you are!!

  RDLuver uploaded 1 artwork 5 years ago

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  RDLuver uploaded 1 tut 6 years ago

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