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  Pasmical uploaded 1 artwork 3 years ago

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  lolligirl225 posted a post 3 years ago

Oh heyyy! I'm glad I found your new account! I love your tiger drawing, by the way. :hai:

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  Sanswowie posted a post 3 years ago

Do ya like Twenty One Pilots?? It's really good.

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  Pasmical uploaded 3 artwork 3 years ago

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About Me: Hello there! My name is Pasmical, I like to call myself a digital artist, I love drawing animals, fa more
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Country: Canada
Age: 30
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Interests and Hobbies: Ummm maybe drawing?? lol well besides that I like reading, watching cartoons and playing video games. I want to write but I have no idea of how .-.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: I have no idea. I really liked Disney ones though. Really enjoyed Zootopia and Inside out!
Favorite Music: I have none. I like them all B)
Favorite Books: I have too many! But the one that always comes to my mind its The Land of Stories. Its good, its good.


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