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  katara3 uploaded 9 artwork 10 years ago

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  katara3 uploaded 6 artwork 10 years ago

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About Me: Haii! I'm Kat :3 I usually hang out in the chatrooms allot so if you want to talk then you know wher more
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Country: United States
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Interests and Hobbies: Videogames, Drawing, Reading, Paintball, Caving, D&D, and so on.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Hunger games, Forward unto dawn, A:TLA movie (even if it kinda sucked it was still good), Pitch Perfect, Harry Potter movies, etc.
Favorite Music: 8-bit, pop, hip-hop, techno, rock, classic rock, etc. I like all kinds of music actually. All but country. Not a big fan of that. :P
Favorite Books: Beautiful creatures, Hunger games, Halo book series, twilight series, etc. xD I like all sorts of books tbh.


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