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  HirukaGonzou uploaded 2 artwork 10 years ago

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About Me: I am a person that is always looking for new tihngs to draw. With that said i think you can figure o more
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Country: United States
Age: 29
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, finishing my fine arts degree, reading manga, hanging out with friends to draw and talk abou drawing DUH!!! joking we do more than that lol, hang out with my amazing boyfriend that supports more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: any anime that i see, i watch. I dont really have a favorite except for Saiyuki and Vampire Knight
Favorite Music: TECHNO!!!!!!! anything that has a good loud beatis my type of music. But i do also have my fair share of depressing music too.
Favorite Books: my favorite manga series that i have read thus far is Love Attach (Junai Tooko Taicho!)by Shizuru Seino. it is by far one of the best shojo i have ever read.you should all check it out. Nextin line would be Vampire Knight lol.


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