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Interests and Hobbies: Hmm... lets see some of my hobbies are playing my flute. And I like to dance a lot as well. Another thing i Like to do is to draw!! I like to draw anime, and some landscapes. Those type of things.
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Favorite Music: My favorite type of music basically surrounds under pop. But that also includes k-pop. And my favorite singers are Tae Yang, Christina Perri, Bruno Mars, NS Yoon-G, 2NE1, Big bang, and more. I also li
Favorite Books: I personally prefer to read books that have a series to it. I like the twilight books. And the harry potter series. I also like the beautiful creatures series. I dont like non fiction. But i also like to read manga. I like kitchen princess, and shugo chara. I also like the manga love so life. And attack on titan as well!!!


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