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About Me: Hiya! My name's Layren. Funny because I have a cousin named Lauren on here. Hmm you say? Well if you more
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Country: United States
Age: 25
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Interests and Hobbies: I love riding my bicycle ( WITH MY CUS X3), playing on the computer (WITH MY CUS X3), drawing (WITH OR WITHOUT MY CUS X3), and lots more things (WITH MY CUS X3).
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: I like most of the movies my cus watches like, the Percy Jackson movies, the Harry Potter movies, and a lot more (can't think of them right now >,<).
Favorite Music: I like some music that my cus likes, Just Give Me A Reason, The Way, RadioActive, Scream, Payphone, DayLight, any MineCraft song (My little cus got me into them), Hey Baby, Break Your Heart, and a boa
Favorite Books: Like my cousin, I love the Percy Jackson series, The Last Dragon Chronicles, Eragon, The Twilight series, The Wolves of the Beyond series, and the Harry Potter series. I like more books I just can't think of then right now >,<.


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