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  FaLiUrE_pRoNe uploaded 3 artwork 9 years ago

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  FaLiUrE_pRoNe uploaded 14 artwork 9 years ago

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About Me: lets see..... i love the artwork and i have a big thing bout everyone enjoying what they like to do more
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Country: United States
Age: 27
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Interests and Hobbies: i like drawing and listening to music plus fishing and playing softball with my dad(love u dad and i miss u) plus hanging out in my room and writing.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: ... transformers the new one harry potter 1-7... and others that i dont remember the name to. lol
Favorite Music: greenday and heavy metal like metalica acid bath and drowning pool only a few here...
Favorite Books: turning angel is a very wonderfull book.in my opinion by greg iles.


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