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  DarkBeauty uploaded 2 artwork 6 months ago

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  DarkBeauty uploaded 3 artwork 6 months ago

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DarkBeauty online
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About Me: Made by the atoms and the stars. I make art, love reading books and playing video games, watching mo more
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Country: Germany
Age: 24
Gender: Female
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Interests and Hobbies: Mixed Media Arts, Drawings, Sketching, Art Tutorials....
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Nosferatu, Dark, Lost In Space, Stranger Things, Metropolis, ....
Favorite Music: Metal Music, Neo-Classical Music, Post-Rock, Post-Metal...
Favorite Books: Manga, Comics.... I love books so much, here are some authors I love reading ... H. P. Lovecraft, Haruki Murakami, Mary Shelley, George Orwell, Shakespeare, Emily Brontë.......


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