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About Me: My real name isn't Pocky it's Legend but i wish pocky was my nickname call me pocky...I LOVE VOCALOI more
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing (even though i am not that good),Singing, Talking, Reading,Thinking, Eating, especially Reading
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Coraline, Spirited Away, the studio ghibli movies (Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service,My Neighbor Totoro, a lot of other ones), movies about fairy tales with twists (snow white and the hunt
Favorite Music: J-Pop, Pop, and Vocaloid (IDK what Genre that is) I LOVE VOCALOID!!! I LOVE RIN SO MUCH SHE IS SO FRICKIN HOT I WISH SHE WAS REAL OH UMMMM NVM THAT UMM WHAT ELSE? ummm so ya thats not it but too much
Favorite Books: Soul keepers series, Veiled series, ummm oh yeah and EVERYTHING but mostly books about magical adventures lol (fantasy) oh and some manga and umm *whispers* shoujo manga


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