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  Jacob956 posted a post 4 years ago


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asimon10 · 4 years ago
Jacob956 · 4 years ago
Where were u
asimon10 · 4 years ago
ive just been really busy I had to go to a boot camp thing and then school started and my computer broke a lot has just been going on

  Jacob956 posted a post 5 years ago

Hey. I'm just wondering. Is that you as a cartoon in a profile pic?

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asimon10 · 5 years ago
yes it is my mom didn't want a real picture of me up, so i went on a avatar creator and made one that looks like me
Jacob956 · 5 years ago
Aww that sux... And close enough at least, btw u look nice as a cartoon :)
asimon10 · 5 years ago
haha thanks =D

  asimon10 uploaded 24 artwork 5 years ago

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  SpiderGirl13 posted a post 5 years ago

Love your art!! And I like Hot Topic too. Like all of my shirts are from there. lol =D

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asimon10 · 5 years ago
Thank you...almost all my clothes are from there its a great store
SpiderGirl13 · 5 years ago
  Jacob956 posted a post 5 years ago


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asimon10 · 5 years ago
Hallo =D
Jacob956 · 5 years ago
How r u :)
asimon10 · 5 years ago
I'm good what about you?

  asimon10 uploaded 21 artwork 5 years ago

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