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  AppsYoGo uploaded 4 artwork 9 years ago

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About Me: A crazy, reckless girl who loves to sleep?? Ha that's right I love to sleep. I'm kinda lazy. I love more
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Country: India
Age: 23
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Interests and Hobbies: Well, most of the time I have my nose buried in a book but I like drawing, though I'm horrible at painting. I only good with pencil shading and drawing. I also do a bit of art works...I made a life si more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Mwhahahaha!! Let's see...I LOVE horror movies and I love Ring, Grudge, Mirrors, and *drum rolls* Paranormal Activity!!! (I absolutely love Paranormal activity!!!!!)) I like animated movies too, and w
Favorite Music: OHH YEAHHH!!!! METAL RULEZZZZZZ!!! So yes, I'm in love with Metal music. My favourite band is Avenged Sevenfold!!! OMG!! They are soo cool! I also like Bullet For My Valentine and Panthera. And Evanes
Favorite Books: Humm....I absolutely love reading book,so yeah I'm a real book worm. My favourites are the Gone series by Micheal Grant. Vampire Academy by Rachael Mead. I read a dozen others (Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, The Dark Tower and so on) but the other two have a special place in my heart.


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