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About Me: I am a very anxious person and love to draw, read, and sketch. I also like to travel out of the coun more
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Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Spirited away, Toy Story, UP , Jason Bourne collection, Samurai Jack (BEST COLLECTION EVAH!) Powerpuff girls, Teen Titants , and A ton of stuff on Boomerang
Favorite Music: Foster the People, Kool and the Gang, Gap band, Sheila E, Beetles, Maneater, Lady Gaga, B.O.B, Usher, Mindless Behavior, Katy Perry, Queen, Selena Gomez and more
Favorite Books: The last Dragon Chronicles, Shanghai girls, Percy Jackson, Kazan, Weed. Plenty other books but I cant think right now cause I can't


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