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  animechick33 uploaded 1 artwork 11 years ago

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  animechick33 uploaded 18 artwork 11 years ago

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  animechick33 uploaded 11 artwork 11 years ago

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About Me: undecided... I see things way differently than other people. sometimes I feel alone on this earth. : more
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing (DUH!) bowling, riding my bike, swimming, writing, working on the farm in the fresh air.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: twilight, new moon, eclipse,alice in wonderland, coraline, 9, the last airbender, transformers 1 and 2, the corpse bride, the nightmare before christmas and comedies and/or chick flicks
Favorite Music: Paramore, linkin park, Three days grace, ke$ha, evanescense, flyleaf, avril lavigne, eminem, green day, fall out boy, bullet for my valentine, MCR.... many many more music is my life!
Favorite Books: Harry potters, twilight series, spiderwick chronicles, the spy series.


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