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About Me: Hey there! I'm Aden Celeste! I guess many of u met a lot of Celestes here in dragoart, well, yup, I' more
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Country: Antarctica
Age: 26
Gender: Male
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Interests and Hobbies: Well, reading of course! But also drawing (of course, or else what am I doing here?), playing video(the only thing which I always use tv for ),hanging around with Ariel, talking to Crystal and stuffs.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Well....not quite into tv, but u could say, Shrek! XD My sister watches, so I watch it with her. I also like the twilight series and diary of a wimpy kid series.
Favorite Music: I like one direction, Taylor Swift and many others. I hate Justin Bieber! -_-
Favorite Books: I'm a bookworm! I looooooove books! Any books! I like horror stories a lot though. I mostly read the books which has mysteries and cases, murder and stuff. But I get used to any good books. :D


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