realistic Female faces

Artist: Killmizz / March 29, 2017
realistic Female faces

Step 1.

so start of with the weird shape of a distorted oval like this one because this is the base for all face drawings it doesnt have to look like mine just make it similar

Step 2.

once that is done you will need to make the focus point like the nose mouth and eyes but first you'll need to plan where you want them so draw in the lines like I have in this picture and make them somewhat proportional

Step 3.

Now you are ready for the mouth nose and eyes but in this drawing you dont want to connect the nose to the eyes that will happen later on

Step 4.

in this step is pretty easy but very tricky because the eyebrows need to be shaded the same and also need to be proportional

Step 5.

this step is optional because you don't necessarily need ears but it's up to you but I don't do it myself but I drew it in for you to see so you can see how it would be and if need be as you can see I messed around with the nose to make it look more    

Step 6.

in this step you should use a mechanical pencil because you'll need a lot of graphite without sharpening because you'll need to use the pencil by doing long strokes from the top of the head down and make sure there is no white showing but be careful    

Step 7.

in this step you can finally erase the guidelines on the face but now you will need more careful because now it's all the little detail like the shadow under the eye mouth and nose and also blend in the hair to make it look smooth and more natural on   

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Artist: Killmizz
Date Added: March 29, 2017
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Description: This tutrouial is my first hopefully not my last but i am going to try my best please comment below to tell me improvements but i hope this is helpful to you all.