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How to draw Suicidemouse

Artist: SuperMarioFan20000 / July 21, 2014
How to draw Suicidemouse

Step 1.

Here we begin with the body and head of the deranged Mickey Mouse.

Step 2.

Now it's time to draw the ears and the shape of his mouth.

Step 3.

Now draw the eyes, pupils, redraw the mouth shape, and mouth.

Step 4.

Draw the shorts, arms, and his hand which is in his pocket.

Step 5.

Now draw the legs and feet.

Step 6.

Here's what he looks like when he is done.

Comments (2)
suicidemouse · 6 years ago
:evil: T_T
PokeAisy · 6 years ago
one of my fav creepypastas
Artist: SuperMarioFan20000
Date Added: July 21, 2014
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Tags: how to draw mickey
Description: This is my first drawing tutorial that I made when I didn't have an account, this is how to draw "suicidemouse.avi." Which is a cartoon on how to draw a creepypasta about a deranged Mickey Mouse cartoon. So enjoy!