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How to Draw Scary Hopy

Artist: Potaoes / February 16, 2018
How to Draw Scary Hopy

Step 1.

As with all tutorials of mine, we're starting with the guidelines.

Step 2.

This is more guidelines for the head of Hopy. These are very important since they help with making sure we draw the mouth correctly.

Step 3.

Now we can follow the guidelines and draw the head an snout. You can start wherever you are most comfortable with. For me, I start with the eyes, then draw in the snout. The lips of the mouth are wavy since Hopy is bearing his teeth like he is growli   

Step 4.

Now we draw in the lines showing that the lips are lifted up. At the edge of the lineart where we turned for the snout and the lower jaw is where we draw small bumps.

Step 5.

Now we draw in the teeth. I had to do this on a separate art program from the one I do tutorials on, so the linart looks a bit different.

Step 6.

The next step is to add detail to the eyes, draw the horn, and finish off the head.

Step 7.

Next step is a bit big. This Hopy is quite muscular, so make ypsure you draw his neck thick. Following the guidelines we are also able to draw in some muscular arms for our purple dragon.

Step 8.

At this point we can draw the fingers for Hopy

Step 9.

Now we draw the wings. Here we can see why the guidelines look the way they do. The circles were joints in the fingers of the wings, and the ovals are the spikes.

Step 10.

Now let's add some powerful legs!

Step 11.

With the legs and wing done, we can now finish Hopy's back and tail. Also, once you finish that, you're supposed to erase the guidelines, but I didn't realize I still had them until two steps later. Erase them guidelines.

Step 12.

We erase guidelines to bring new guidelines. These ones are so we can space the underbelly correctly.

Step 13.

These lines we are drawing in are not exactly guidelines, but we need hem to draw the underbelly plates.

Step 14.

So now we connect each bar we made with bumps, creating the platted underbelly.

Step 15.

When done with the plates, you can erase the guidelines and draw the spikes along Hopy's back. Also little nostril there.

Step 16.

This step is where we add raised areas around the spikes to make it look like they are coming from his body. We also erase any lines we do not need.

Step 17.

Now our terrifying Hopy is ready to be colored and off to scare the townsfolk! I'm really tired.

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Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: February 16, 2018
Steps: 17
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Tags: draw dragons
Description: Hopy is a cute purple dragon featured in a few flash games. One flash game was where you must help the little dragon scary everyone. I felt that no one would be scared of this little cutie so I decided to make him a bit more terrifying.