How to Draw Petunia, Happy Tree Friends

Artist: joeynigro / July 27, 2018
How to Draw Petunia, Happy Tree Friends

Step 1.

First, draw an oval for a head.

Step 2.

Then draw her face.

Step 3.

Then draw her ears

Step 4.

Then draw an arrow marking and a flower on her head

Step 5.

Then draw a pine cone air freshener around her neck.

Step 6.

Then draw her arms.

Step 7.

Draw her belly. Don't forget her breasts, because she's a girl.

Step 8.

Finish her body and draw her legs.

Step 9.

Draw her feet and add the sandals with flowers on them.

Step 10.

Finally, draw her tail.

Step 11.

Okay, that's Petunia.

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Artist: joeynigro
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Description: Petunia from Happy Tree Friends