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How to Draw Mirage Dragon, Dragon City

Artist: Potaoes / May 15, 2016
How to Draw Mirage Dragon, Dragon City

Step 1.

Lets start with guidelines. The front limbs are lower than the back limbs, so note that as you draw

Step 2.

Starting thehead, this dragon's head is furry. The ear is lined up with the eye

Step 3.

Let's finish that head, the thick spikes line up with the mouth, along with adding thr 4 underneath. Once part ofthe neck is drawin, draw the dragon's mane, it is broken in a few spots, not fully smooth

Step 4.

Moving onto the front limbs, at the elbows there is fur as well as most of the forearms. This is a little tricky to draw, continue on with the serpentine body of the dragon

Step 5.

Finslly the back limbs. They are similar to the front but the ankles are higher, which is very common in dragons. Watch the fur as well, this can be tricky to draw

Step 6.

Alright, we finish off the outline of the dragon and add the fur on the back, this is more broken than the main.

Step 7.

Earasing the guidelines at this point will make details much easier to draw. Fix up lines you accidentallh erased. I fixed the teeth and the main on the head.

Step 8.

Alright! Details! I recommend drawing the circle on the tail first, this is common on breedable 4 element dragons. There are symbols between each tiny circle. Draw the underbelly and the tail tuff

Step 9.

Finally we finish with the final details on the Mirage Dragon.

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Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: May 15, 2016
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Tags: how to draw dragons, dragons, dragon city, mirage dragon, how to draw mirage dragon
Description: One of the rare 4-elemental dragons in the Facebook game Dragon City. It is one of the least weird looking ones. Elements are Ice, Fire, Nature and Electric.