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How to Draw Lime Venom Dragon

Artist: Potaoes / May 22, 2016
How to Draw Lime Venom Dragon

Step 1.

Before we start the tutorial, the venom glands in these dragons are located in the throat, and shoot the venom through a special tube that moves into place when they need it. Pay attention to the location of the venom glands and give a little space f   

Step 2.

When the mouth is open, the skin will bunch up a bit, protecting the venom glands

Step 3.

Let's start the tutorial, simple guidelines will help to draw the dragon.

Step 4.

The head shape follows the guidelines almost perfectly, careful with the eye ridge.

Step 5.

In red I drew the tube and venom gland so you can see the gland and where the skin is.

Step 6.

This time, the arm is much more detailed than what I normally draw, be best to zoom in since the details are a bit hard to see

Step 7.

I suggest you draw the leg first, don't forget the extra toe. Once you draw the leg, then draw the skin connecting to the leg and the underpart

Step 8.

Finish up the rest of the body, use smooth lines, these dragons don't have any jerky body parts.

Step 9.

Erase unneeded guidelines, but leave the other arm and leg, we will add them in the next step

Step 10.

Now we draw the other two limbs, dont draw the limbs to far from the body.

Step 11.

Alright, finish erasing the guidelines and we will add the details

Step 12.

With the head details, the screnshot added an unwantd part so I had to cut out the feet, plus the app was being unresponsive at thispoint so that is why one tooth is unfinished

Step 13.

Now we finish off with the spots, they do not have a set pattern so each dragon has a different spot pattern

Step 14.

So that's drawing a Lime Venom Drago, they have a simple design to them

Comments (7)
SneekyKidd · 5 years ago
Its pretty good but this seems more like a Dinosaur... :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless:
Potaoes · 5 years ago
Yea, as I drew it, it did remind me of the dinosaur Struthiomimus. But please remember dragons don't exist, they don't all have to look like a typical dragon.
SneekyKidd · 5 years ago
Lol X3 :hai: X3 :hai: X3 :hai: X3 :hai: X3

Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: May 22, 2016
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Description: Named after their bright green color, these small dragons (as tall as a Great Dane, on four legs and roughly 15 feet long) have an extremely deadly acid-like poison. Youngsters speak only in squeals until the age of 20 years, in which they can adapt any language.