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How to draw LeafWing, Wings of Fire

Artist: Potaoes / August 27, 2018
How to draw LeafWing, Wings of Fire

Step 1.

First, lets start with the guidelines. The circle is the main head while the rectangle is the snout. The rectangle is quite large since there are a lot of curves in the snout of the LeafWing. Normally I would just draw the center line for the neck, b   

Step 2.

I always start the head with the eye. Follow the guides to make sure the eye doesn't become too large. Start off with a circle for the eyeball before adding the rest of the tissues.

Step 3.

There is extra detail around the eye, this is overall wuite sinple to draw. Just follow the shape of the eye.

Step 4.

Let's finish off the eye by adding the pupil. Now that they eye is done, let's move onto drawing the bump over the eye. This eye plating is very important for when we move onto drawing the horns and the rest of the plating on the face.

Step 5.

Now we can start the snout. Stated earlier, the snout has a lot of curves in it. I recommend that you start with drawing the nose. Draw the bump and the beak, that way you know where to connect the lines for the snout and the mouth.

Step 6.

Now we can draw the bottom jaw. The part closer to the joint (the back of the jaw) does curve inward slightly.

Step 7.

The horns were always a struggle for me to draw. They flatten out where they fold up.

Step 8.

Now let's draw the bottom of the horn.

Step 9.

The ear is something quite unique about this dragon. Instead of directly connecting to the outline of the horn, the ear connects inside the horn.

Step 10.

Let's finish the outline before we add more detail to the dragon. Follow the guidelines set earlier to draw the neck. After this, erase all guidelines

Step 11.

LeafWings have a sail on their back, but we aren't drawing that yet. We need to add the connector for the membrane before we start the second horn.

Step 12.

Now we can start working on the details. Follow the eye plating to draw the snout plating and the nose. I fixed the nostril in the next step.

Step 13.

I made the nostril smaller. But now we can add even more detail to the snout and mouth. We can also add the plating for the other eye

Step 14.

Continue following the eye plating to bring the plates up into the horns. The ear also continues into the horns.

Step 15.

Now let's add the lines to separate the platings.

Step 16.

Now is the time that we can finish off the sail on the back of the LeafWing.

Step 17.

We cannot move onto the back and belly plates just yet. We need to draw the scales. LeafWings have one of the most unique scales I've seen in Wings of Fire. There is no consistent pattern to the scales. Mate note of that later on.

Step 18.

We need to draw the buntch of scales behind the head so we can finish the plating.

Step 19.

The scales behind the head overlap the back and belly plates, so connect the lines for both plates at the end of the scales.

Step 20.

Add the lines for plating.

Step 21.

Now you can draw the scales. As I said before, there is no pattern to the scales on LeafWings. But the closer you get to the chest, the more scales you'll have to draw. The scales in the center are the largest and typically have a tear-shaped drop.

Step 22.

Now color

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Sanswowie · 2 years ago
Love it!
Potaoes · 2 years ago
Thank you!
Sanswowie · 2 years ago
Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: August 27, 2018
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Description: The LeafWing is one of the 3 new dragons introduced in the newest Wings of Fire. They are an extinct species that once lived on the lost continent.