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How to draw Glaceon

Artist: Potaoes / February 3, 2018
How to draw Glaceon

Step 1.

The first step is to draw the guidelines

Step 2.

I started this by following the guidelines and drawing the shape of the head and following down the neck. There is a small bump on the head for the snout of this pokemon

Step 3.

Before I continue with the body, I first draw one of the front limbs. Once one of the legs is drawn, I connect the neck to the leg via the chest. Then I draw the leg on the opposite side of the body. For the paws, right now they are just semi-circles

Step 4.

This step is a bit longer. To get to the him legs, draw the back of the pokemon, once you get to the rear, then you can start the hind leg. I always draw it from the from of the leg, then finish off with the back of the leg, but you do what is comfor   

Step 5.

From here on out it goes a bit slower. Here we are following the guidelines to draw in Glaceon's tail. It starts out thin, but widens out then connects in a diamond-like shape.

Step 6.

Here I erase the guidelines and I start finishing the head. The diamond-like things on her head can be a bit hard to draw and get in the right place. Once you finish that, you can add the second part of the head design. To get it positioned right, yo   

Step 7.

Now we can finish off the head. In this drawing, the diamond ears are pointed slightly forwards.

Step 8.

Here we finally draw in the paws. It's best to erase the semi-circles first before drawing the toes.

Step 9.

Now draw in the final designs

Step 10.

And now you can color your Glaceon using it's colors, or use your own colors.

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