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How to draw Echo, Mortal Dynamo

Artist: Potaoes / January 20, 2019
How to draw Echo, Mortal Dynamo

Step 1.

Let's start with some basic guidelines. I usually start with a circle for the head and continue down to the body and waist. The smaller circles within the body and waist are for the limbs. Of course I draw a curved line for the tail.

Step 2.

Now we can build onto the guidelines. For the head, we add rectangles for the snout, round d triangles for the ear, and some simple guidelines for the hair. We also add an oval for where the tuft on her tail will be. Along with this, I add circles, s   

Step 3.

Now we can start outlining the face. I personally start with the eyes then do the snout, but start wherever you are comfortable starting. Just draw over the area where the hair will go, we'll be adding it in later. Draw some basic lines where more tu   

Step 4.

We can now outline the body. Don't worry about drawing fingers just yet, outline where you'll want the fingers to go. One hand will have a closed fist, so that one is circular while the other one details the thumb and fingers.

Step 5.

Now let's do the lower body. Don't worry about drawing toes, just like the hands we will add those in later. I do this so I can get the position of the feet right, just to make sure both feet are lined up. We'll also outline the tail. The tail always   

Step 6.

Now we'll draw the wings and the basic outline for the tail tuft.

Step 7.

Now that most of the outline is done, let's go and draw Echo's hair. Once this is done, erase the guidelines as well as any lines that fall underneath the hair. You'll continue to erase lines as we finish detailing Echo

Step 8.

Now we can detail all of the fur on Echo's face following the lineart we drew before.

Step 9.

Now we can draw the fingers and toes.

Step 10.

Let's detail the tuft of fur on her tail.

Step 11.

The next step is to erase all areas where we'll be putting fur lines. I do not make her entire body look furry, just small parts to show that she is covered in fur.

Step 12.

Where we erased, let's draw in the fur. Echo doesn't have very long fur, so try to keep the fur relatively short.

Step 13.

Now that Echo's lineart is done, let's start coloring. Since she is blind, I don't draw irises. I make her pupil a milky pink color.

Step 14.

Now we color her whole body, which is only two colors. Lavender and pink. Once you finish coloring, you have Echo.

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Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: January 20, 2019
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Tags: how to draw, dragon, how to draw dragon, draw dragon, anthro, how to draw anthro, echo, how to draw echo, draw anthro
Description: This was requested by a fan. Echo is from one of my stories and I do not allow her being drawn outside fanart/fanfic with proper credit. She is Dynamo's girlfriend who helps Dynamo get his life back on track.