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How to draw Deception (split face)

Artist: Potaoes / August 19, 2016
How to draw Deception (split face)

Step 1.

A circle amd a straight line through the center is how I started this split face. Since Deception is a Fennekin, from Pokemon, Fennekin has a round face, and so does Deception. But do note, the tutorial is more difficult due to this.

Step 2.

We are starting on the left side, which if Fennekin. I always start by drawing the ears. Don't worry if you mess up the size. I do it all the time. Fennekin's ears are fairly large though.

Step 3.

Here we finish up Fennekin's ear. The fur within the ear is the first thing you want to draw on this step, so finishing up the actual ear isn't, messed up.

Step 4.

At this point, I like to draw the nose and eye. The eye is very large, make note of that. The nose is more rounded than a pointy nose.

Step 5.

Here we draw the cheek fur, mouth and outline where the white and orange meet. The outline meets where the cheek fur starts on top.

Step 6.

Fennekin there looks to happy. Let's start on the Deception side. Once more, starting at the ear. This one droops down.

Step 7.

Let's draw the ear fur and finish the eae. The fur in the ear does droop down quite far.

Step 8.

I apparently did not screenshot the step where you shape the mouth. Very VERY sorry. So for this step, please draw the shape of the mouth before you draw the cheek fur and outline.

Step 9.

Face details. The snout is scrunched up slightly, that's why those lines on the snout are there. The eye is much smaller than the Fennekin side.

Step 10.

Now we shall add teeth and neck.

Step 11.

Erase the guide....circle.

Step 12.

Color. And that is it.

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Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: August 19, 2016
Steps: 12
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Tags: how to draw, draw, split face, how to draw split face, deception, how to draw deception
Description: Deception is a creepypasta original character I created. I was bored so I made this How-To for a split face. Split face is hard to do for inexperienced people (like me).