How to Draw Benjamin from The Mark Side

Artist: Alphadog910 / December 11, 2016
How to Draw Benjamin from The Mark Side

Step 1.

Start out with the circle and the oval. It makes it easy to show what you are doing

Step 2.

Start to draw Ben's hair. Start at the top and make your way to the left, then go over and do the same to the right

Step 3.

Draw a curve line for his chin

Step 4.

Draw the neck of his sweater.

Step 5.

Draw his shoulders. Start at left and curve up. Do same to right of him.

Step 6.

Add other details (Eye, line on sweater)

Step 7.

Color according to his colors. There you go!

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Artist: Alphadog910
Date Added: December 11, 2016
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Tags: the mark side, saveraedae, tms, cartoon, benjamin washington, benjamin
Description: This tutorial shows you how to draw The character Benjamin Washington from Saveraedae's The Mark Side show.