How to Draw an Anime Girl

Artist: Ice_Queen / May 10, 2011
How to Draw an Anime Girl

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines, notice that the arms and the legs are not on the same line.

Step 2.

Draw the head, notice that only one ear can be seen

Step 3.

Ok, time to draw the shoulders, be careful, don't make them too wide

Step 4.

Continue with the hips and the right arm, the left one is covered by the body

Step 5.

Continue with the legs

Step 6.

Draw the lower part of the legs

Step 7.

Delete the guidelines so that you don't get lost

Step 8.

Draw the hair, don't "glue" it on the head, give it volume

Step 9.

Now that you have the body you can dress her up how you want to, here is how I did it: it's pretty simple though...draw a simple T-Shirt...

Step 10.

and the tights that fit her leg, they are easy to draw, she doesn't have shoes, only socks

Step 11.

So this is how the final drawing should look like:) Have fun colouring it^^

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Artist: Ice_Queen
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Description: 2nd tutorial,sorry, while I was colouring it my brother took the computer, so I had to do this tutorial quickly