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How to Draw a Sinraptor

Artist: Potaoes / June 12, 2016
How to Draw a Sinraptor

Step 1.

Start off with the guidelines, do the guidelines lightly in order for them to be erased easier. Notice the tail is fairly long.

Step 2.

Starting with the head, there are noticeable bumps, so watch out for those, the jaw is open so take account that the jaw opens in a curve, not straight down so the lower jaw would not line up with the upper.

Step 3.

Noe the neck and part of the back. The back is bumpy but if you want to draw a smooth back then add the bumps after that is fine as well.

Step 4.

I suggest to draw the arm first before the end of the neck and chest. Be careful with the claws since they are fairly small.

Step 5.

I always say to draw the leg before you draw the belly. This way you know how much of the belly is being shown. Only two toes on the feet are shown, dont forget the other claw though.

Step 6.

We cannot draw the other leg till we have the base of the tail done due to overlapping. Draw the rest of the bumpy back and belly.

Step 7.

Finish off the tail, draw the second leg and arm. Be careful that you draw the claws again. Note that the tail does not end in a point.

Step 8.

Now add the details on the head.

Step 9.

And there is the basic details of the Sinraptor. Most details on dinosaurs are added during the coloring stage.

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Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: June 12, 2016
Steps: 9
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Tags: draw dinosaurs
Description: Sinraptor (meaning Chinese Thief) did not have a build of your typical raptor dinosaur. It had a build more like an allosaurus. And the tutorial image doesnt want to be nice