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How to Draw a Hunga Munga

Artist: Potaoes / March 15, 2017
How to Draw a Hunga Munga

Step 1.

A quick note, there are a number of different designs for the Hunga Munga. As long as you can throw it, and it hits the target with one of the blades, it works.

Step 2.

With weapons, the step of guidelines never seems important. We're used to swords, but with a multi-blade weapon, guidelines are very useful. Here, we are doing a traditional Hunga Munga with an extra blade.

Step 3.

The next step is to start the handle. This takes up a large portion of the weapon, which allows it to be used at close range.

Step 4.

Now comes the step that, personally, is difficult. A traditional Hunga Munga has a sickle, so it can get stuck in the target and cause more damage when pulled out. The size and curve of the sickle should be considered.

Step 5.

The next step is the spear end, and the middle blade. Traditionally, they are connected with a slight concave (inside) curve.

Step 6.

The next step here is the two short blades that stick out of the handle. Traditionally, there is only 1 blade. I added the second blade to deal more damage.

Step 7.

For this weapon, I used a strap wrapping to create the finished handle. I extended the wrappings up that high so that a user could use both hands.

Step 8.

Here we add the lines where the edge starts to get sharp. I also added a cap at the bottom of the handle for decoration purposes only. Also erase any lines from the original handle.

Step 9.

Once you are finished, you can color it to your liking. Now you can add a little spice to your battles.

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Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: March 15, 2017
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Tags: how to draw weapons
Description: This is an ancient African throwing dagger. Very different from any traditional weapona, it can add some spice into your battle drawings