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How to Draw a Dragon Head

Artist: Potaoes / May 11, 2016
How to Draw a Dragon Head

Step 1.

First step is to draw the guidelines. I normally use just a circle and line but for my first tutorial I put the two rectangles

Step 2.

Next step is to start the snout. It is slightly bent. Dont push hard, if you push to hard mistakes are harder to erase.

Step 3.

Here we draw the rest of the bottom jaw, note how it curves. Jaws are curved, it looks much more natural. We also add in a small detail to bring out the shape of the snout. This line follows the line of the snout. At the line over the eye and the eye   

Step 4.

In this step we move onto the ear and horn. In this drawing, her ear is spiked. You dont have to draw it spiked, the horn is also very curled, but still a loose curl. You can draw the horn however you like, this is an example.

Step 5.

A very simple step, just draw the neckline. The third line between the neckline, this is the underbelly line.

Step 6.

Small step, fill in the eye. The pupil in this one is slit like a cat, the iris is large compared to the rest of the eye. There is also a shine that goes through the iris. Careful on this step, you can easily mess up lines, but mistakes is how we lea   

Step 7.

Alright, the hardest step in my opinion (usually cause I never do it right cause im lazy) is the mouth. I did this in one step. Drawing the teeth small might take some practive and a sharp pencil. Draw the tongue first, this makes it easier I also er   

Step 8.

This step is optional. Since this is based on my character (based, not exact), she has the twisted scar on her eye. The other part is the addition of the second horn.

Step 9.

And that is drawing a dragon head. Tell me what I could improve on, if it helped, etc. This is my first tutorial. Please help me get ideas for new tutorials. Im a dragon/dinosaur artist. Have a great day.

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SoulsAJ · 4 years ago
Potaoes · 4 years ago
Uh, thanks
Artist: Potaoes
Date Added: May 11, 2016
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Tags: draw dragons, how to draw dragon heads
Description: Simpke tutorial for a dragon head. I used my character Dark Amadaeous for this. It is not exact to her design. I realized after I put the fang in the wrong spot and missed the belly stripes.