Competition: "Character Drawing Swap" Win A FREE Wacom Intuos Draw or a $75.00 Amazon Gift Card (digital)! Create a unique drawing involving your favorite characters swapped from their original form,into their human/cartoon/anime/animal/etc. form. Be creative and don't hold back. Winner of this competition gets an awesome Wacom Intuos Draw or a $75.00 Amazon Gift Card (digital)! No entry fees.
Prizes: Win A FREE Wacom Intuos Draw or a $75.00 Amazon Gift Card (digital)!
Rules: Rules: 1.The Work Must Be Original: Your art must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material. 2. Entry Fees: There is no entry fee, but you MUST be a member of to enter any and all contests. 3. Repeat Entries: There is no restriction on entering art that has been entered to previous competitions. 4. Copyright: The artist retains all copyrights to their artwork without exception 5. A total of 200 minimum entries must be submitted for a valid contest to take place. We encourage artist to submit and participate despite skill level, not just those who are advanced in the arts believed to be the best. If 200 entries are not submitted, all art entries will be void. 6. We only accept artwork that has not been posted to any other site; if we find it posted someplace else we reserve the right to delete the artwork immediately. 7. You give us permission to display your submitted artwork for as long as the contest is posted on our site.
Winners will be chosen when number of entries reaches 100 - 7 current entries