ryuugu rena

Artist: violent_storm / June 3, 2012
ryuugu rena

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Artist: violent_storm
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Description: vats hapnin. well guys as you may or may not know i am officially addicted to higurashi no naku koro ni. i was so excited when they put the sound novels on itunes that i baught all that were available. with its blood, gore, intense battles and thrilling story line higurashi is not meant for those with a weak stomanch. this cutie pie here is ryuugu rena, one of the main characters. fans of higurashi may pick up on a few little messages i tried to put into this picture but those who are not familiar with this story line may not. ill start of by explaining why you can see blood marks coming of her hand when she isnt pressing it against anything. well the reason for that is because in the village of hinamizawa yoou are trapped and no matter what you can not escape. secondly that sillohoutte in the background thats also rena, she is holding a hatchette and about to kill...someone, but wait how could rena be in two places at once you ask? well thats easy the rena in the background is taken over by the hinamizawa syndrome (sorry for the spoilers) and the rena in the front is simply asking for help so in other words once some one has caught the syndrome they are not themselves but a somewhat evil version of them.....well im sure ive confused you enough so farewell fellow artists :)