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Katondra Wind Form Drawing 4

Artist: Randall / April 2, 2014
Katondra Wind Form Drawing 4

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Artist: Randall
Date Added: April 2, 2014
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Description: Thought I would make another picture of my beloved made up character "Katondra". Added some more things here and there, as well as simplifying some areas for redrawing purposes + it looked cooler :P. I don't know if the wings are a wind form thing yet or something deeper... we'll see ;). I plan to draw an updated form of all members of my SLASH series as well :D. For those of you looking to know more about this character and the made up world she comes from, I shall start typing stuff... now. Katondra is the most powerful character in the SLASH series. She is death but at the same time innocent, and fights for the greater good... an angel of death I'd say. Katondra can destroy the universe in terms of power, her downfall is not knowing how to harness her powers, she needs to be pushed to push back. Her element is wind, not all of the SLASH characters have an element, it's more of what was there when they gained their powers *spoiler* ;). Katondra's scythe heightens her power, although she doesn't need it, she will never reach maximum potential without it. I can't tell you how she got her powers exactly, first off that would ruin the mystery :P, and it's still a work in progress. Katondra is indeed mortal and quite normal in terms of strength, like stated before she relies on her scythe and abilities, but that's not to say she doesn't have un-human strength when angry. Her clothing and scythe were enchanted with magical qualities during her transformation, and her outfit