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About Me: i just started drawing 2 years ago and am mainly focussing on anime and manga, my dream is to go to more
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Country: Australia
Age: 21
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Interests and Hobbies: hmm let me think DRAWING!!! and believe it or not i am a game freak but usually not stuff like blackops i like nintendo things like, super smash bros, kirby and the magic mirror and luigis mansion, i more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: the girl who leapt through time, my nieghbor totoro, whisper of the heart, the cats return, porco rosso, dead space, spirited away, akira, and most of the other movies by mad man or studio ghibli i l
Favorite Music: ugh and the list goes on, i am in love with one direction (especially louis) i also love AAR(all american rejects) reece mastin, eminem, rizzle kicks, knife party, SKRILLEX :D, ed sheeran, evenescence
Favorite Books: i love most graphic novels including death note, higurashi:when they cry, one piece, fairy tail and naruto. but the novels i love are...pretty little liars, twilight saga, goosebumps, tomorrow series, angus thongs and the perfect snogging, switched, the illustrated mom, vampire diaries, and hunger games...i could go on forever but i wont :)


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