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About Me: I am a amazing 13 year old! Imma blonde and have green eyes! I like to draw and read! I am single to more
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Interests and Hobbies: Singing and drawing! I watch TV and Facebook I really like to design clothes and mini buildings! I gotta lot of a hobbies but I wanna do one of my hobbies right now, watching WWE Monday Night Raw!
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Favorite Music: I love Eminem, Evanescence, and A Perfect Circle! I also love Black Veil Brides and Nickelback! My favorite song is by Evanescence! I love all types of music execpt classical! I am really into rap and
Favorite Books: I love the Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series! I am currently reading the Tiger's Curse series! I will read almost any book but I hate Shakespeare! They are too confusing for this blonde!


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