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About Me: yes i am a mexican and im proud of it. so im on youtube and i play transformice (still need to uploa more
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Country: United States
Age: 21
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Interests and Hobbies: i like to build stuff with legos and thats it. sometimes i let my pet mouse run around the house but i have to look for it and i think its productive :D
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: omg! this is new! ok my favroite movies i will list them in my personal favorites! #5: iron man3 #4: the croods #3: the smurfs2 #2: reck-it ralph AND #1!: dispicable me2
Favorite Music: i like old music but ill list them down #10: Were safe and sound #9: im a scatman! #8: gangnom stlye #7: im sexy and i know it #6: party rock anthem #5: Waka waka(samba music) #4: world cup (CD
Favorite Books: i mostly like lego books and i dont like drawing ones( they are to complicated) im not much of a reader im much of a doer. CHEESE


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