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About Me: 0.q"meh? eh. >_<"?! well i'm a anime freak, band whore,i want a hellhound or a dragon for a pet. you more
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Interests and Hobbies: drawing ! im a anime freak, and a band whore (im not really a whore if u think that's what it means -_-) skateboarding, roller skating ! video games !! music is my life. uhhh.. I do a lot of random sh more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: uhh.. I watch horror a lot. and anime a lot.. so yeah, but uhm? oh and. Anything by Tim Burton I love <3 , harry potter, lovely bones, August Rush, Silent Hill (both movies), Romeo & Juliet, Blood+, T
Favorite Music: Exo, Exo-k, Exo-m, u-kiss, joel faviere, black veil brides, suicide silence, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, He Is We, my chemical romance, blood on the dance floor, bring me the horizon, miss
Favorite Books: any type of comic, manga.. vampire kisses (all books) I donno, I just read sometimes... and don't remember the name >.> anything with horror, mystery, si-fi, adventure.. I love c:


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