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About Me: I finally got 10000 profile views *achievement unlocked.* Based on this, I'm seriously gonna start p more
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Country: United States
Age: 21
Gender: Male
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Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy playing cool games on my new PS3 that I got for Christmas (for those who have a playstation network account, my name is Fantasy_X_11). My favorite games are The Call of Duty series, The Last o more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: CHRONICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the movie Chronicle. Some more of my favorites are Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3, and Scary Movie 4. (LOLZ). The Lightning Theif was pretty good,
Favorite Music: My favorite artisits are Linkin Park, One Republic, Daughtry, Green Day, and LMFAO. My favorite song Is "Leave Out All The Rest" by Linkin Park. I also enjoy the songs "Good Life" by One Republic, ""
Favorite Books: Wings of Fire, The Lorien Legacies (I am # 4 series) and the Percy Jackson series. I'm also currently reading The Hunger Games.


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