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About Me: i love sports,i love playing basketball.i love listening to music.and i am a huge michael jackson fa more
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Interests and Hobbies: i like going on the computer and looking up information,video games,going to concerts,sports, like basketball and softball and listening to music.and i like to draw.I lOVE MICHAEl JACKSON AND LADY GAG more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: i like michael jackson this is it,transformers 2,how to train your dragon,star wars,iron man,batman the dark night and the simpsons movie,toy store 3,karate kid,iron man 2 and grown ups,dispicable me,
Favorite Music: i like michael jackson,lil wayne,lady gaga,black eyed peas,drake,guns in roses,jay-z,rihanna,jason derulo,flow rider,lmfao,ludacris,miley cryus,new boyz ,paramore,pitbull,trey songs,areosmith,taio cru
Favorite Books: i like michael jackson books and edger and ellen books,and comics like batman,super heros,and i like comics of movies.I HATE SUPERMAN!!!Vampire kight,dragon ballz.


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