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About Me: Im new to drawing and usually my olyn tools are whats nearby. I enjoy observing insects and arachnid more
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Interests and Hobbies: Bugs , drawing , beading , watchin tv, smiling
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Titanic, conan the barbarian ,rise of the guardians, edward scissorhands, yugioh movie, dragon heart, that darn cat , zookeeper.
Favorite Music: COLDPLAY , fly leaf, fireflight ,three doors down,slipknot. jason aldean, keith urban , tim mcgraw ,toby keith, little big town, the band perry
Favorite Books: House of the scorpion, the ear the eye and the arm , the sea of trolls , the land of the silver apples,the islands of the blessed, watership down and any manga that looks interesting, naruto black butler , sailormoon soul. Eater, tutuprincess,d greyman,and blue excorcist


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