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About Me: SO A BIT ABOUT ME! My name is Whitney. I am seventeen years old and I am turning eighteen in Nov more
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Country: Australia
Age: 24
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Interests and Hobbies: I like hanging with my friends, skateboarding, drawing (anything to do with art), writing, watching movies, mixing music etc.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: * The Crow * The Lord Of the Ring Trilogy's * The Star Wars Trilogy's * Drag me to Hell * Wolf Creek * Jeepers Creepers * Underworld Evolution * Chucky * Saw movies * Van Helsing etc.
Favorite Music: I have many favourite bands and music genres, but I will list my twelve favourite bands so you can get a general knowledge of what I like to listen too: *My Chemical Romance * Paramore * Asking Ale
Favorite Books: * Diabolical * The Rosie Black Chronicles * The Hobbit *Before I die *Surviving Amber * Twilight Series * Nancy Drew Series * Fan Fictions * Fallen * Charmed Series Etc..


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