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About Me: I'm 17 year old guy living in Teresina. I wanna be a CG artist. Now I'm learning Maya course with sp more
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Country: Brazil
Age: 27
Gender: Male
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Interests and Hobbies: I love playin' games(pc)...I learn a lot of things from games..I like GTA4,Saints row 2,NFS HP2011,Dragon Age 2....I like painting in photoshop...
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: I like Torque, Fight club, Final Destination...I love thrillers and horrors....
Favorite Music: I love Music. I'm a crazy fan of Rihanna. She is great. I like Love the way you lie, Shut up and drive, te amo,plz don't stop music, emergency room,....I like nicki minaj songs too...Like Super bass,
Favorite Books: I hate books... especially my organic chemistry school book...Chemistry really SUCKS..


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