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  lordvoldemort posted a post 6 years ago

this is my new dragoart..cuz i lost my password..b4 this i had kate201310 which is unactive now also!!

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About Me: My real name is Katherine.My fave color is hot pink.I like to listen to songs. I don't draw so good more
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Watching T.V, Playing in tab,reading,chatting,playing online games and others.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: i watch a lot of movies these are just a few:Real steel,princess diaries,princess diaries2,Ella enchanted,a Cinderella story,mirror mirror,SCARY MOVIES,DON'T CLICK,the grudge,Diary of a Wimpy Kid movi
Favorite Music: What makes you beautiful, Magic, Naturally, One Thing, You belong with me, Tell me something I don't know,love story,wake up,tick tock,what dreams are made off,starlight,red,eenie meenie miney moe,nev
Favorite Books: i love reading books some of them are :wimpy kid books,dumb diary,Jane Eyre,Christmas carol,kidnapped,raiders,princess diaries,treasure island ETC.


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