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About Me: my favourite animal is a wolf! my favourite colour is purple! I am Australian!
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Country: Australia
Age: 46
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Interests and Hobbies: climbing the monkey bars, collecting wolf pictures, collecting ornaments, collecting gemstones, singing and dancing to music, playing with my best friend, playing with my dogs, bush walking, swimming,
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Red Dog, twilight breaking dawn and all the other twilight movies, never cry wolf, ace ventura pet detective, step up, the epic movie, pirates of the caribbean, spider man, jeepers creepers, HALLOWEEN
Favorite Music: bangarang, eagle rock, shakira ,
Favorite Books: Mammals by eye wonder, Pets magazines , Jokes and riddles by Glen Singleton, Wolves Of The Beyond Lone Wolf by Kathryn Lasky, Goosebumps horror land escape from horror land by R.L Stine , 30 Amazing Australian Animals by Christopher cheng and illustrations by Gregory Rogers, Sheila The Heeler by Magaret Clark, A Pet Of Your Own by Georg Zappler & Paul Villiard, Polar Animals by snapshot.picture.libary, Atlas Of Endangered Species Sally Morgan,Understanding Zoo Animals by Rosamund Kidman Cox, Encyclopedia Of The Horse by Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Reader's Digest 100 Wonders Of Nature, The World Encyclopedia Of Dogs Piero Scanziani,


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