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About Me: I'm a nice person, I suppose. I discovered DragoArt not too long ago, and I decided to give it a try more
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Age: 24
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Interests and Hobbies: Reading, drawing, listening to music, playing guitar, trombone, trumpet, piano, accordion, violin, clarinet, harmonica, and flute.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: The Help, Madea's Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Princess and the Frog, Source Code, and Gone.
Favorite Music: My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Skillet, My Chemical Romance...did I mention My Chemical Romance?
Favorite Books: Paranormal by K. White, the Evernight Saga by C.Gray, Fateful by C. Gray, and Mary Downing Hahn.


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