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About Me: Well my names Samantha, Im 15 years old, LOVE drawing,, duh thats why im on this website.... :) Lo more
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Country: United Kingdom
Age: 26
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Interests and Hobbies: swimming, shopping, drawing, texting, playing(:
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Kick Ass Mega mind :D The Notebook Paranormal Activity. Bruce Almighty. AAAhhh and many more !!
Favorite Music: Dance , Trance, A bit of Dubstep ;), R&B, and Jazz. also a bit of hip pop too. ♥
Favorite Books: Jacqueline Wilson Books. Read nearly all of them! Kate Maryon - Shine <<<--- READ, the most touching story ever.. VERy good book 10/10 Going to read the rest of her books: - A Million Angels -Glitter - A sea of stars. Also reading the twilight series.. not a huge fun but ,, what the heck ;)


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